They Really Are Fighters!

It was a warm summer night at our Gateway Park Kickball league games. You could see all the blood, sweat and determination coming from each team; especially the sweat. Although, the Fightin’ Texas Drunkies’ sweat might have been coming from the alcohol they drank, they showed it wouldn’t stop them against Ballsagna. This game was

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The Old And The New

It was a cool evening at our Thursday night, Indoor Volleyball league at the Sportsplex.  All the teams had their game faces on and ready to dominate whatever came their way, especially All About that Ace. They are holding down second place in the league and have meshed well together as a team. All About

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Topped the Undefeated!

No better place to spend a summer night than Vitruvian Park nowadays, especially Wednesday’s out with LoneStar SSC. The early games face the heat a little more so than the rest but at the end of the day, the majority of us Texans look past the weather once the first pitch is rolled. This was

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New Champs In Town

It was the last week of the season at our Monday night softball league out at McInnish Park! It was a dry, hot night, but that didn’t seem to stop the teams. Everyone was fired up to play and make it to the championship game. After battling in their first games, Master Batters and Slapnut

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Fought Until the End

Games were fiery this week as teams left it all on the field for the last week of the regular season. Josey Ranch provided plenty of action throughout the night but the last game of the evening definitely took the crown as most entertaining. The two team names didn’t disappoint either. Dolls and Balls squared

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