May The Force Be With You!

Another great night at AMF Richardson for some LoneStar SSC bowling! This group of teams are very social and love having a good time. Whether they are winning or losing, each team has a good spirit and cheers on the opposing teams. Leading the charge with the encouragement and socializing, is Striker Force. Though they’ve

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Beer & Bowling

Bowling is back at AMF Richardson on Wednesday’s! There were some great vibes out at AMF Richardson, per usual. These 4 teams are very social with each other while enjoying some drinks during and after the games.  Two teams showed their skills tonight by winning both of their games, especially Here 4 the Beer. The

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Strike after Strike

Bowling at AMF Richardson is back! After a great season last time around, we hope this season can meet or even surpass last seasons fun. We have some new bowling teams to LoneStar, which is always nice to see some new faces. The team of the night goes to Bowlerinas. The had a doubleheader tonight,

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Cleaning up the SRIKES!

Last night the LonestarSSC teams had a beautiful time wrapping up the winter bowling season at USA Bowl. The present teams celebrated the best way possible; with much laughter and with plenty of Sam Adams going around. The team that transcended all others through out the night was Glory Bowl. The Glory Bowls had no mercy

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Clean Sweep

The playoffs for bowling at USA Bowl had finally arrived. This is the moment that all of our teams had been waiting for all season long. Yet, the competition was a little underwhelming tonight as all of our games were forfeits! Only one member from Minds In The Gutter and Turkey Bagger Balls showed up

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Playoff Ready

Another great night of bowling at USA Bowl for our teams. With the playoffs looming next week, teams were looking to find a groove and knock off any rust. All of the teams had a good time drinking and socializing with each other during the games. The game of the night belonged to Bowling Stones

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