Sand Volleyball

Adding Another W!

It was another exciting week out at our sand volleyball Vitruvian park league! It was toasty outside, but that didn’t stop the teams from putting in their best effort! The highlight of the week goes to the battle between Block Party and Prestige Worldwide. All season long, Prestige Worldwide have been kicking some butt. They […]

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Who Will Stop Them?!

Thanks to the storm that blew through, it was a cool night in the sand for our Friday, Sand Volleyball, Vitruvian Park league! All the teams were having a good time watching and playing. It wasn’t until later in the evening when Diggaz with Attitude stole show. With an undefeated title, this team will be

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Tie Breaker!

It was week four for our Thursday Sand Volleyball league! The weather was HOT but the teams were hotter. Fighting through the heat, all teams were still full of energy and ready to win, especially That’s What She Set. This team has battled and won 3 out of their 4 games so far in the

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They Tip Well

It was week one of our Friday night Sand Volleyball league! Every game was a good one to watch, and showed off just how much competitive and fun teams we have this season! The game of the night goes to Generous Tippers and their opponent, All About that Ace. Both teams weren’t afraid to show

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Kiss What?!

It was the first games of the Thursday Sand Volleyball season at Vitruvian park. All teams were ready to play and claim their first W’s! All games were close, but Kiss My Ace and Spikeological Warfare had the toughest fight of them all. After the first set taken by Kiss My Ace 21-19, Spikeological Warfare

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They Take It All

Congratulations to both teams for making the semifinals on the strength of the season! All season long, Bump and Grind has held their ground. With their determination and competitive attitudes, they were able to accomplish that. The first game of the night for Bump and Grind, was a match against Kiss my Ace. It seemed

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