Sand Volleyball

Winning Streak

We have passed the half way point of the season as the playoffs are quickly approaching. As summer is on the horizon, that means that prime sand volleyball weather is in our reach. Our HMS teams are making strides in their efforts to fight their way up the standings to earn a playoff spot, especially All […]

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Sets on Sets on Sets

Another Friday night out at Vitruvian for some sand volleyball! There’s nothing better than starting your weekend off with some cold beverages and some Lonestar SSC volleyball. This group of teams love having a good time while competing and none showed that more tonight than Sets on the Beach. Sets on the Beach were looking to

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Dazzling Digs

Another sandy night out at Vitruvian on Thursday night! We only had two games out there tonight but it was still a great time. These 4 teams were here to compete and have some fun diving around in the sand. At this point in the season, team chemistry is at an all time high and

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Hard Earned Victory

Another great night out at Vitruvian for sand volleyball. Players were ready to get out there and capture a W for their team. Tonight we had a beer tasting event out at Vitruvian and it was a hit with the teams. Teams enjoyed grabbing a beer after their games while watching the rest of the nights

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Avenging a Loss

Week 3 out at Vitruvian for Thursday night sand volleyball had some great games. Our teams are now used to the rules and their team chemistry is growing every week as the playoffs loom in the distance. One team looking to avenge a loss last week was Beaches & Bros. Beaches & Bros lost both

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Make SVB Great Again

Week 2 out at Vitruvian for some Friday night sand volleyball went great. These teams come ready to set, spike, and drink all night long! This week we had some very competitive and close games while also having some dominant performances. None were more dominant than by Trump Set Spike. Looking to avenge their loss

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