Sister, Sister

Wind was howling this evening across north Texas and it didn’t let up on the McInnish soccer fields in Carrollton by any means. The strong breeze from the north side of the field truly made the initial rock-paper-scissors battle important, as captains needed to make a crucial decision on where they began to start the […]

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Quick but Not Easy

Week 3 out at McInnish for soccer was a success! These LoneStar teams love coming out on Wednesday’s to kick the old soccer ball around. The weather was a littler colder than usual in late April tonight but that didn’t stop our teams from competing, especially the game between Quick Finishers and Kick Tease. These

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Comeback Kids

Nothing like some LoneStar SSC soccer out at McInnish on Wednesday’s! Week 2 was up and running tonight and our teams were ready to go. We had some slight issues with the lights but nothing to halt our fun for the night. Our game of the night was quite the battle, ending with a penalty

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Battle of the Blues

The first night of soccer was flawless this evening as the weather was perfect and the pitch was top notch. While a few squads brought back players in bunches, most of the teams were out this evening feeling out their teammates and trying to establish some chemistry. Games were truly competitive throughout the night but

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A New Champion is Crowned

Championship week! After a great season of soccer at McInnish, the playoffs are here. We had a lot of skilled teams, new and returning, which made this season very enjoyable and entertaining. Our four playoffs teams came ready to do whatever it takes to kick their way to a championship, and that’s exactly what they

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Deep Into Your Goal

Last week of the season! As the playoffs are next week, teams know that this is the last chance to polish up their games and make a push for a playoff spot. Though we had some rain this week, that didn’t stop our teams from coming out in full force to kick the ball around.

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It Got Messi AF

Almost playoff time! We’re approaching the end of the season as teams are fighting for playoff position. We had some great games tonight and our biggest showing at Buffalo Joes for postgame. Teams enjoyed drinks and socialized; it was a great night out at LoneStar soccer. We had a great game tonight between About to

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First W of the Season!

LoneStarSSC Soccer at McInnish was off and running tonight with some great games. After some competitive games in the past few weeks, the teams have become more social and turned those serious game faces into smiles and laughter, which is what LoneStar is all about. As we head deep into the second half of the

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In Too Deep

On Wednesday’s, we play soccer! This season is one of the more competitive seasons in the past year. The champions could be any of the nine teams. All teams came ready to play to add another W to their resume. In a rematch of last years championship game, FC Tailgaters played Wall Builders. Wall Builders

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Make Soccer Great Again

Week 2 of Soccer was off to a great start. Our new teams are really beginning to get comfortable with the rules and gameplay, as the familiar teams are trying to hold their ground as LoneStar veterans. Teams were also a lot more social tonight, which was nice seeing teams mingle with each other and

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