New Champs In Town

It was the last week of the season at our Monday night softball league out at McInnish Park! It was a dry, hot night, but that didn’t seem to stop the teams. Everyone was fired up to play and make it to the championship game. After battling in their first games, Master Batters and Slapnut

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Sit Where?!

It was the first week out at our Tuesday, Softball Fair Oaks league since the weather didn’t cooperate us last week! Some teams have rejoined us and some are just joining us for the first time, so it was an exciting night with some new and old faces. It was difficult to choose one highlight

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The Subs Take it All

It was Championship night at our Tuesday Fair Oaks softball league! All teams came to play, especially the #1 and #2 seed. It was a hot one, but that didn’t seem to stop any of the players. The championship game was a battle back and forth. The number one seed, FBRD, was putting up their

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A Tale of Team Strangers

The Tuesday night softball season has begun at Gateway Park! All the teams were having a good time despite the Texas heat. Laughs were shared, along with cold brews and competition. Game number two of the night was a thrilling match up between the Texas Strangers and Varsity. Texas Strangers is a team made up

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Let the Games Begin!

It was the first week for our Sunday softball league and all teams in the league came ready to play! The opening game with Texas Strangers and Menace 2 Sobriety in fact, showed just that, and did not disappoint. Texas Strangers came out and made a statement. Their bats were able to bring in the

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SSC Top 10

Tonight, on SSC Top 10, we have the Master Batters holding the number one spot on the countdown. All season long they have struggled to get W in the books, but that hasn’t stopped their determination and winning attitudes. The play highlight of the night just had to go to this team. There was an

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Upsets All Around

Our Monday night softball league games were full of upsets. Teams who were destined to win, came out with a loss, and the underdogs, came out with a win. The biggest upset of them all was by Whiskey Sticks. Each week they have come out with their positive attitudes, drinking spirits, and overall excitement to

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