Back For Another Championship

Another great week at flag football out at McInnish and Josey! This league has some great teams who love to compete and have a good time. With some stout competition, this season will be a tough climb to the top of the standings. And one of our top teams has been to the top of the mountain before, Straight Savages.

For years, Straight Savages have been running things on Monday nights in Carrollton. They have been with LoneStar for a long time and even won a championship but they are out to pick up another notch on their belt. Tonight they faced off against Watch Uranus and it was a battle. Straight Savages took the lead and never looked back, as they added to their undefeated record. With some stiff competition on the horizon, let’s see if they have what it takes to take home their 2nd championship.

Team – Straight Savages

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