Flag Football is finally back as the month of March is now upon us. While most sports fans separate this time of the year for the March Madness or the beginning of baseball season, others are back at home getting ramped up for the NFL Combine and the upcoming football season. The latter is where you find a majority of these athletes as football is on their mind 24/7 and flag football at LoneStarSSC is their outlet to release their passions. None may do it better than the one and only, Bruh We Some Scrubs.

Please don’t let their team name fool ya, as I’m sure was their original ploy from the get-go. The mustard yellow shirted squad is always hyped up to duel it out on the gridiron and throw some shade at one of their team members. The jostling back-and-forth between teammates is always a friendly battle and typically even has their opponents cracking up out there on the field. Tonight, Bruh We Some Scrubs handled business against We Touchdown There in game one of the season. If they keep this up, they might change their name to Bruh We Some Winners by the end of this season.

Team – Bruh We Some Scrubs

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