Can’t Break the Streak!

During Wednesday’s Flag Football league, you could tell the Dallas summer temperatures were starting to creep upon us, but that didn’t stop any of the teams, including Google Punts and No Flags No Glory. It all came down to the game of the night between two teams who both were fighting hard for a victory in week 5. The rematch from week 3 was destined to be a good one. Google Punts came to extend their win streak from week 2 while No Flag No Glory was trying to gather some momentum from their win last week.
The two traded scores in the first half, but No Flags No Glory was able to put up 6 right before the first intermission. After each team scored in the second half, Google Punts began marching again. No Flag No Glory seemed to have made their one stop after their quarterback intercepted his counterpart…until tragedy struck. The quarterback heard a “pitch back” call once he crossed into the red zone and happened to throw it into the other teams’ hands. To say the least, the play should have been on Sports Center Top 10. As the game went on, Google Punts was able to pull through with a 41-18 win. We will see if they can keep this winning streak up next week! Best of luck to all the teams!

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