If you can’t take a hit, stay off the grass.

Game #1 was the first of three great and intense games out at Josey Ranch Sports Complex. The game between teams ‘Our Name is ERIC’ versus ‘Hauler Shot Callers’ was a very close one. The breaking point happened when the QB of ‘Our Name Is Eric’ took on a long pass opportunity to his WRs putting them in a scoring position. Two plays later they connected on a short TD pass, taking the lead and securing the win.

Game #2 between Watch Uranus and No Punt Intended was steady but fun to watch the players having a good time on a Monday night. ‘No Punt Intended’ had an open chance to get ahead of the game with only 6 seconds left  in the second half. A hail marry attempt by the QB was unsuccessful ending the game in a 6-6 tie.


Mafia Crew and the Lucky Charms had us all bitting our nails on Game #3. Team Mafia Crew was leading at halftime but fell behind after a 14 point outburst by team Lucky Charms. Mafia Crew scored late in the second half making it a 6 point deficit but just wasn’t enough to take the victory. Team Lucky Charms (in tonights social picture) enjoyed a refreshing 12 pack of Samuel Adams Boston Lager after a well played game. Win for beer…Heck yeah!


Hey Lucky Charms….was is luck?
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