Who Earned the Crown?

Playoffs for Flag Football out in Dallas has finally arrived as the five-team league went head up with each other in four epic battles this evening. The teams left it all out on the field tonight as week 7 truly brought out the best in our competitors.

The championship final was a tough one to get into this year but the two teams who made it were worthy. The orange squad, Google Puns, faced off against the long shot to win it all…Average Joes. Both teams main issue through the season was having people show up, but in the last few weeks these teams have come on strong. Google Puns found themselves in a deficit after the first half but didn’t let it phase them. They scored 21 points in the second half to win their first championship ever with LoneStar SSC after a long wait. Congrats to that group of friends on their victory as it was well deserved. Hope to see everyone back next season!

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