Win, Lose, or Tie!

The 2nd week of Indoor Kickball did not disappoint!! It might have been a cold night, but these teams came ready to kick! After the first week of game play, all the players have turned up their game play and strategy, preparing for a long, competitive season. All of the teams had a great time playing and socializing during and after the games.

The game of the night was the last game of the night which was The Localizers vs My Kick In The Box.  My Kick In The Box played with only 5 players the entire game so they had a disadvantage from the start. The first 3 innings My Kick In The Box took the lead with 3 to 0, followed by The Localizers answering with with 4 points in the 4th inning. The Localizers took a massive 9 to 3 lead in the 5th inning, yet My Kick In The Box didn’t quit, as they rallied to end the game in a tie! It was a great game and end to the night. I’m excited to see what happens if these two teams meet again!

Team – My Kick in a Box

Team – The Localizers

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