Only Undefeated Left

Indoor Volleyball night! Tuesday at Sportsplex might be for basketball but everyone knows Thursday’s are for indoor volleyball! We had some great match ups tonight, but no better than our two undefeated teams, Set It Off and Let’s Talk About Sets.

We had an epic battle for first place between Set It Off and Let’s Talk About Sets. The first two games of the set ended both 14-21 & 21-14, as these games were full of long volleys, hard digs, and great spikes. Game three was for all the marbles and title of the only undefeated team left. With Let’s Talk About Sets leading 14-13, our official¬†reminds teams that the first one to 15¬†and up by 2, wins. Set It Off ties it 15 -15 now it’s the first to 17 as back and forth we go! Let’s Talk About Sets gained their composure and pulled off the win!

Team – Let’s Talk About Sets

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