Champions in Charge

Championship week! This kickball season out at McInnish has been fantastic. These teams are a blast to be around as they love competing while enjoying each others company. Our top teams competed in the playoffs tonight to be crowned the LoneStar SSC kickball champion. And that came down to I’m Kick James, Pitch and Charles in Charge.

Our top two teams during the regular season made their way to the championship game as expected. As the top seed and our only undefeated team, I’m Kick James Pitch expected to continue their dominance but Charles had their own agenda. This was a defensive battle the entire game as there was only 3 runs scored total. Charles in Charge kicked it off with two runs in the first inning, with Kick James returning the favor with a run of their own. Kick James couldn’t get that tying run in and Charles in Charge pulled off the upset. Congrats to our new champions!

Champions – Charles in Charge

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