How Bow Dah?!

Kickball at Vitruvian is back! Week One was finally here after the layoff over winter break. This time around we have 28 teams! I repeat, 28 teams! Lots of familiar faces out at Vitruvian but also some new teams which is always nice to see. Though the rain earlierĀ this week tried to put a halt to our games, it only effected one field and we were still on and rockin’. We had a mixture of close games and blowouts, and nothing compared to the offensive onslaught from Kick Me Ousside How Bou Dah.

Kick Me Ousside How Bou Dah came ready to show their skills in Week One as they matched up against Chug Norris. Kick Me started off on fire and never let up, as they scored run after run. Chug Norris had no answer as their kicks just weren’t ballin’ tonight. Kick Me ran away with a 18-0 shutout victory. Our teams celebrated Week One at the Addison Ice House with some Sam Adams. On to Week Two!

Team – Kick Me Ousside How Bou Dah


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