Sneak Attack!

With playoffs right around the corner, all the teams of Wednesday night’s Kickball league at Norbuck park were pushing to get into the postseason. The team of the night was Balls and Dolls, who were expected to win their game against Tequila Mockingbird with ease. All season long, Balls and Dolls have been battling back and forth with wins and losses. This week, they were determined to get that one last win.

The game began with a couple of goose eggs, and continued so throughout until both teams were up to pick up one run for themselves. It wasn’t until the top half of the final inning that Balls and Dolls were able to lock the game down. Rallying 5 runs, they were able to pull a steady lead and shut down Tequila Mockingbird in the bottom of inning with a 1, 2, 3 outs. Maybe we will be able to see a rematch of the two teams in Championship week!

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