The Thunder Rolls

It was week two for our Vitruvian Park Kickball league and it was full of events. From our beer tasting event, to all the games going on, it was a night of fun.

The game of the night goes to Thundercougarfalconbirds vs. Balls N Dolls. The first inning was full of runs by both teams. Balls N Dolls managed to bring in 4 while Thundercougarfalconbirds brought in 2. However, runs were scarce from then on. Thundercougerfalconbirds were down 1 run in the top of the last inning, until they managed to score a clutch, game tying run in the top of the last inning. Thundercougarfalconbirds held Balls N Dolls scoreless, leaving the game all tied after full time. Hopefully we see a matchup of these teams in the future!

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