Kiss Your What?!

Week 2 out at Vitruvian for sand volleyball was accompanied by some beautiful weather. It was a perfect Thursday night to enjoy some volleyball with LoneStar SSC. After a successful first week, teams came ready to continue getting into the groove of things with their team. One team has seemed to already found their groove and that’s Kiss My Ace.

Kiss My Ace had a doubleheader tonight but that didn’t bother them one bit. Their first matchup was against Bump Set Drink, which was a dandy of a game. Each teams split the first two sets, yet Kiss My Ace pulled away in the final set to take the W. The adrenaline off of winning their first matchup flowed straight to their second matchup with Beaches & Bros. Kiss My Ace dominated both sets and took home another win for the night. Congrats to Kiss My Ace on the two victories tonight!

Team – Kiss My Ace

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