Who Will Stop Them?!

Thanks to the storm that blew through, it was a cool night in the sand for our Friday, Sand Volleyball, Vitruvian Park league! All the teams were having a good time watching and playing. It wasn’t until later in the evening when Diggaz with Attitude stole show. With an undefeated title, this team will be the one to stop.

Issa Teacher and Diggaz with Attitude were one of the last games of the night, and it was one to watch. Both these teams have a great record so far, so the battle for the W took all three sets. The first set was taken by Diggaz with Attitude. Issa Teacher was determined to send the game to its third set, in which they did. The third set was evenly matched all the way through, until Diggaz with Attidue managed to pull through a 15-11 win. Will their streak continue next week?!

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