It’s All About Having Fun

The last week of the season was combined into a double header for the teams as weather rained us out last weekend. Of course these Sunday softballers didn’t mind one bit as most cherished the four game slate. The others either didn’t show up or made it hard to tell because games were full of jam packed entertainment from the first inning to the last. None made it more worth it than those Sons of Pitches though.

Tonight they were unable to pull out an actual victory in the standings but no one could tell them they lost. They won in many aspects of the game this evening, including a few personal feats from the players in the last few weeks. None stood out more than one of the female players striking out the side in an inning, sending both teams in a euphoric frenzy. This group of friends truly have fun each week and are a joy to be around on Sunday evenings. See everyone in a few weeks!

Team – Sons of Pitches

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