Sunday softball capped off a great season this evening as the post season was determined between four great teams. Easter holidays butchered a few rosters but by game time everyone was ready to play. The two semi finals games may not have been close in score but definitely cruised along at a fun pace. Everyone was pumped to make playoffs everyone went to the bar with at least a pitcher this evening.

Menace 2 Sobriety and MVPness eventually became the two championship contenders as these high flying offenses were geared up for a battle. The two squads were very familiar with one another from early season squabbles and this one was no different. MVPness found themselves in a 9 run deficit after the top half of the first but never gave up. They scrapped their way back and eventually scored 7 runs in the final inning to pull off a great comeback. Kudos to MVPness for a strong season and thanks to everyone else for coming out, see you all next season!

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