Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Games cruised by tonight in the first week of the season. Teams appreciated the LoneStar officials and everything seemed to go pretty smooth, with perhaps a little more of a social interaction in comparison to previous years. Tonight, everyone was getting used to the flow of the game and rules, whether that was the players or the officials, but was definitely a fun first night of softball.
Slapnut Magoos was the team of interest this evening as they jumped out of the gates early in the first game of the season. They slapped together 13 runs in the first two innings and seemed as if they were gonna cruise throughout the night. After winning the first they got the pleasure of sitting out a game while they waiting for their final game to cap off the night. The long rest may have been a disturbance though as they were a little rusty coming out for the second. Their final game couldn’t have added more insult to injury as one of their females slapped one down the line, unfortunately right into the back of one of her own players. This of course resulted in the final out of the game and a true Slapnut Magoos way of taking a loss. Kudos to them though as they seemed to have a blast either way.

Team – Slapnut Magoos


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